Welcome to Terry's Cemetery Mapping and Restoration
A Brief History

For the past twenty five years, my wife and I have owned a business called Terry's Cemetery Restoration. Through this business, we have traveled all over the United States, though the majority of our cemetery restorations have taken place in our home state of Iowa. We have a huge scrapbook, some of which we will share on this site, of newspaper clippings and thank you letters from the towns who hired us for our restoration services.

We have expanded our restoration business to include Terry's Cemetery Mapping. This service was started due to being asked many times, while on the job, if there was anything we could do to create new documents or records for the cemetery as, somehow over the years, the cemetery documents had been lost or misplaced. As I, Bob Terry, am a professional dowser of more than 25 years experience with a specialty in locating unmarked graves and often used this skill during cemetery restoration, getting into mapping cemeteries just seemed like the perfect addition to the Cemetery Restoration Business.

We began creating maps for cemeteries in 2007 aiding in replacing lost documents, benefiting genealogists, auditors, the local courthouses and town trustees, and helping create new revenue by finding open land for burials. We have even aided public citizens who have come to us stating that they used to have relatives buried in a specific cemetery, but their stones could no longer be found. By using dowsing, I was able to find the buried gravestone markers, bring them to the surface, and restore them to their rightful place within the cemetery.

Kathy and I are very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve the towns as we do, first through cemetery restoration and now through cemetery mapping and dowsing as well. It is fulfilling work and we know what we do makes a difference. What more could anyone ask for?

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